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Exterior cleaning services

Our vans carry our own supply of water & power!

Driveway cleaning, patios, block paving, concrete, walls ...

driveway, patios, block paving, concrete and wall cleaning derby

Using hi-tech commercial machines, driveways and all exterior hard surfaces can be cleaned to a 100% standard. Using the power of a whirlaway machine all areas are professionally cleaned, removing weeds, algae and moss.all excess waste & water is then sucked up by the machine and disposed of into our waste tanks. Oils stains and paint are easily removed with this process. No blocked drains!

We offer all types of services for these areas: re-sanding can be brushed back over the surface of patios & block paving once cleaning is complete.

derby driveway, patios, block paving, concrete and wall cleaner

Re-sealing of the surface can be done using a very reputable product. This product acts as a covering over the surface to prevent weeds and algae growing back on the surface and gives the drive/patio the original new look.

This process does not harm plants or animals and all products used are biodegradable . “black spot” is easily treated & removed.

Repairs can be undertaken, please ask for details. Ideal for offices, shops, commercial buildings and domestic properties.

Re-sanding of driveways/patios

driveway, patios, block paving, concrete and wall cleaning company derby

Re-sanding can be done using a natural block paving sand or we can offer a "magic sand" product which is perfect for the pointing of driveways, patios and block paving. This product contains a "hardener" which sets , once is has been apllied to the area. It then dries quickly to a hardfinish, which then resists weeds & ants resurfacing.

Graffiti removal

derby driveway, patios, block paving, concrete and wall cleaning services

Using trailer mounted machines, graffiti is removed easily and efficiently without the damage to bricks of surfaces. Using “water sand blasting” equipment graffiti is removed safely even on porous surfaces.

All types of paints, sprays and permanent marker can be removed.

All products used are environmentally friendly ,with no damage to children, pets or trees & shrubs.

All excess waste is removed from site by ourselves and disposed of in the correct manner.

All operatives wear the company logo and all areas being worked upon are sealed off for the safety of the public.

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